Outdoor Commercial Lighting

Quattro offers a complete range of Outdoor Commercial Lighting products which includes luminaires, bollards and light columns. Our innovative lighting products make it easier for you to give a distinctive design to your projects.

Looking for that special something? Quattro recognizes that your projects can be as varied as your imagination. That is why we offer unique luminaires, poles and brackets as well as a complete range of accessories and urban structures such as tree grates and illuminated handrails to help you pull off your most daring creations!

We can also design exclusive products to fit specific requirements—or your wildest ideas. To do so, our team of proven creative individuals keeps up with the latest trends at the forefront of outdoor décor in order to design exclusive products that consistently meet your requirements and satisfy your imagination.

You can rely on Quattro to enhance your projects with efficient lighting and furnish outdoor spaces with unique decorative lighting product. An efficient, high-performance Quattro luminaire is easy to maintain and can be adapted to your needs, helping you create safe neighborhood streets, roads and park projects featuring flawless aesthetics.

In addition to its wide range of Outdoor Commercial Lighting products, Quattro guarantees its customers a courteous business relationship and resourceful collaboration. Our products set us apart from our competitors—and our customer service is second to none.


  • Let’s make thousands of stories together.

    At Quattro, we believe luminaries are a strategic element of design. They contribute to create the desired look and feel of urban projects and therefore, enhance our environment. Our team takes great pride in making unique, well built pieces that contribute to create enchanting ambiances.

  • You can focus on the idea, we will take care of putting it into practice.

    We are committed to developing advanced lighting. Our design and implementation team is a key source of information right from the start of your project. So we guarantee you the peace of mind needed to realize outstanding projects.

  • A well-designed project should be timeless, and so should its essential elements.

    Lighting represents a significant part of the heritage of a great project. At Quattro, we aim to find innovative ways to implement your vision, without compromising on durability, ease of maintenance or lighting performance. We carefully select our materials and finishes, and make our products with care, in order to deliver quality products.

  • Considering the whole life cycle of lighting solutions.

    Design and manufacture are just the start. Reliability, energy efficiency and total acquisition costs are major parameters in the delivery of responsible projects. our extensive knowledge of the lighting industry will ensure that the right technical decisions are taken, while favoring solutions that are customized, viable and sustainable.

  • Making sure your ideas work well.

    Making the experience of installation, maintenance and use work smoothly is also a big part of a project’s success. That’s why our team aims at providing you with functional products by finding inventive ideas for a positive experience.